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Holding handsWhile your elderly loved one may have chosen to stay at home instead of in a group home or nursing community, that doesn’t mean that they would always be happy with that decision. After all, being homebound without any socialization can get lonely too.

This is why Love and Caring Home Care Agency LLC offers companionship services for you. With our companionship service, we make sure that your loved one is never alone. More than that, we engage them in lively conversation and recreational activities (e.g. board games, arts and crafts, puzzles, going on walks) to keep them physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy!

Additionally, we see to it that your loved one is safe – our companions will conduct safety checks and employ safety measures to avoid any dangerous accidents.

If you want to benefit from our companionship service, please call us at 860-937-9630/860-219-9255 and speak to one of our representatives to make arrangements today!